Daisy Walks LLC was inspired by our dog Daisy. She loved to go exploring and we loved taking her on walks, finding new places for her to roam. Just west of the ever-increasingly-congested Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95, we have a small slice of what all of Florida used to be. Our tropical yard often hosts opossums, raccoons, marsh rabbits, butterflies, frogs, lizards, and turtles. Daisy alerted us more than once to a bobcat in her yard, and even an otter a couple of times. In our neighborhood we can find great blue heron, ibis, kingfisher, red shoulder hawks, and sandhill cranes.

Daisy is no longer with us, and we have to take our walks without her. She lived a good, long, happy life, and she continues to inspire us with her sense of adventure and her enthusiasm for going for walks, finding the beautiful nature around us.

We are award-winning photographers with more than 40 years experience each, photographing everything from professional tennis to weddings, shuttle launches to equestrian competitions, and now, lots of lots of flowers and birds! We love sharing what we've learned about the nature and wildlife of South Florida, leading guests to just the right spots to capture an image of a rare bird or of the ocean blasting through rocks. Come join us on a Daisy Walks tour so we can share this special place, South Florida, with you!

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Our email is daisywalksflorida@gmail.com